The Township of Georgian Bay is responsible for maintaining public roads and sidewalks. Throughout winter, road conditions and weather are regularly monitored to help in the safe and timely maintenance of our roads.

If the Highway 400 is in poor condition, contact the Ministry of Transportation at 705-789-2391.

Winter parking

Our Parking By-law prohibits parking within 3.05 metres (10 feet) of the edge of any gravel, surface treatment or asphalt road within Georgian Bay between November 15 and April 1.

Damage to private property

On occasion a snow plow may damage property, including mailboxes. If your mailbox post has been damaged, contact the Operations Department.

Safety tips

  • Always drive according to conditions.
  • Keep a safe distance from plow trucks – if you can't see the mirrors, they can't see you!
  • Get your vehicle winter-ready with an ice scraper, freeze-resistant washer fluid and winter tires.

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