The Township of Georgian Bay is responsible for approximately 100 kilometres of roads. Within our Township are roads maintained by the District of Muskoka and major highways. Highways 400 and 69 are maintained by the Ministry of Transportation.

District roads in Georgian Bay

The following roads in Georgian Bay are District roads:

  • District Road 5 -  Honey Harbour Road and Port Severn Road
  • District Road 11 - High Street
  • District Road 12 - Twelve Mile Bay Road
  • District Road 32 - Go Home Lake Road
  • District Road 33 - South Gibson Lake Road 
  • District Road 34 - White's Falls Road
  • District Road 48 - South Bay Road

View the District Road Map for more details.

Load restrictions

Half load restrictions are in place as of Monday, March 4, 2024.

The reduced load (max 5 tonne/axle) season starts on March 4, 2024 and continues to May 6, 2024 for all Township and District roads in the Township. Reduced loads protect the structural integrity of our roads during the winter thaw when road bases are soft.

Missing signage

Let us know if you notice a municipal sign missing at 705-538-2337 x225. For District road signage, call 1-800-281-3483.

Entrance and road occupancy permits

Entrance permits are required for any new or revised entrance to Township or District roads.

 Entrance permits for District roads are available on the District's website or by calling 1-800-281-3483.


We issue requests for services and equipment related to roads throughout the year. Subscribe to our Bids and Tenders page to be notified when requests are released.


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