Road closures

For a variety of reasons—from construction work to special events—there will be instances where a road will be closed or restricted to vehicular traffic. When this happens, every effort will be made to keep you informed with as much notice as possible.

Closure Dates and Details Map
Port Severn Road After Labour Day, Port Severn Road will be closed just before the Bayview Dam E Fixed Bridge in order to allow for its replacement. This closure will remain in place until late December 2018 when this phase of the project is expected to complete. Detour in place.  Map

Load restrictions

The reduced load (max 5 tonne/axle) season starts on March 13, 2023 and continues to May 15, 2023 for all Township and District roads in the Township. Reduced loads protect the structural integrity of our roads during the winter thaw when road bases are soft.

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