Council Information Package

Public correspondence records are requests and comments addressed to Council from members of the public, organizations, committees, or Township staff. These requests and comments make up the Council Information Package (CIP). Council receives the CIP bi-weekly and they may refer any item in the CIP to Council or Committee of the Whole for information, discussion, or action. 

What's in the CIP?
  • Correspondence from the Association of Municipalities of Ontario
  • District of Muskoka communications, including press releases and newsletters
  • Ontario Provincial Police new releases
  • Resolutions from other municipalities
  • Minutes from boards, advisory committees, and committees
  • Other information items as deemed acceptable by the Clerk
  • Information memos from staff about upcoming by-laws, public notices, road closures, tenders, planning notices, or notices to residents 
  • Letter addressed to other agencies but copied to Council
  • Correspondence or communications addressed to Mayor and Council
  • Petitions
  • Notices or requests for comment from other government agencies, including but not limited to the MNRF, MECP, DFO, Transportation Canada, etc.
  • Thank you letters or acknowledgement letters, etc.
How to Send Correspondence

Please address correspondence to Mayor and Council and send it to

Be aware that your submission to Council will be made public through the Council agenda process and municipal website.

2024 Council Information Packages

CIP - January 18, 2024

CIP - January 4, 2024


CIP - February 29, 2024 

CIP - February 15, 2024

CIP - February 1, 2024 


CIP - March 14, 2024 

CIP - March 27, 2024

CIP - April 11, 2024

Previous Council Information Packages are available online in the Document Centre.

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