Township of Georgian Bay receives first-of-its-kind Wetlands Protection funding through the support of the Georgian Bay Preservation Alliance
March 23rd, 2022—The Georgian Bay Preservation Alliance (GBPA) and the Township of Georgian Bay are 
pleased to announce that the Township has received $478,000 in funding from the Ministry of 
Environment, Conservation, and Parks (MECP) through the Wetlands Conservation Partner Program 
(WCPP). The WCPP is a great initiative to help preserve Ontario’s wetlands by working with 
environmental preservation groups and deploying support to where it needs to go, like Georgian Bay.
This follows months of GBPA advocacy and effort in working with MECP to help preserve the UNESCO 
designated Georgian Bay Mnidoo Gamii Biosphere. The Township of Georgian Bay then drafted a plan in 
coordination with the MECP. The funding will go towards critical projects administered by partners 
such as Georgian Bay Forever, Georgian Bay Land Trust, Sustainable Severn, Sound, Georgian Bay 
Mnidoo Gamii Biosphere, and Invasive Phragmites Control.
This funding is a critical step towards ensuring that the wetlands and waterways that feed Georgian 
Bay are well looked after, which will ensure a positive environmental impact for years to come. We, 
the GBPA and the Township of Georgian Bay, thank MECP again for their support and we look forward 
to what our partner organizations are able to accomplish this year through this funding.
“I am very appreciative of the work being undertaken by these organizations.  Their efforts will 
most definitely be visible on the lands by our local marina and the waterways and roadways around 
our community.  We are proudly working together with the Township of Georgian Bay to continue to 
build a prosperous and healthy environment for the lands around us.“ Chief Rhonda Williams -Lovett, 
Moose Deer Point First Nation.
"The Township of Georgian Bay greatly appreciates the support of the Ministry of the Environment, 
Conservation and Parks in protecting our wetlands, the kidneys of our environment, from the 
destructive invasive phragmites. Wetlands are absolutely vital to the health of our waters and 
essential to the survival of many of our threatened wildlife species. This grant was made possible 
through the limitless advocacy of the Georgian Bay Preservation Alliance and their support to this 
project and others in the Township of Georgian Bay."- Peter Koetsier, Mayor, Township of Georgian Bay
“Environmental protection must begin at the local level if we are to have any hope of preserving 
Ontario's beauty for future generations. From the waterways that feed our communities to the 
wetlands that are home to our vital ecosystems and species at risk, there has never been a more 
critical time to take care of our local water sources. The Georgian Bay Preservation Alliance is 
deeply proud that our advocacy has brought funding support for wetlands in the UNESCO designated 
Georgian Bay Mnidoo Gamii Biosphere (the largest freshwater archipelago in the world). This would 
not have been possible without the leadership of both Minister Piccini and Mayor Koetsier who have 
been outstanding partners and advocates for the beauty of Georgian Bay.” - Jon Telch, Executive 
Director of the GBPA ENDS
The Georgian Bay Preservation Alliance is a not-for-profit corporation that provides residents and 
cottagers a voice and platform from which we can advocate on issues to promote a balanced approach 
to protecting Georgian Bay. We believe the most important attributes of Georgian Bay to protect are 
water quality and local environmental well-being.
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