Georgian Bay Township and Hutchinson Environmental Sciences Ltd. invite you to provide your input on
the waste disposal bin system in Georgian Bay Township, to assess and identify options to address
challenges with waste collection in Georgian Bay.
Georgian Bay Township is unique in Muskoka District, in that a majority of its lots are on private roads or
water access only. This presents a challenge for establishing and managing an easily accessible, legal,
and sustainable waste disposal system in the Township.
Hutchinson Environmental is conducting a waste collection needs and wants study to identify key issues
with the solid waste disposal system established primarily at marinas and roadside locations, for individuals
without curbside pick-up. The study aims to improve the accessibility, fairness, and sustainability of
collection while meeting Provincial regulations. Feedback is desired from the public. Key comments from
marina operators so far are:

  • Some residents who have curbside pick-up are using the bins and causing strain on bin capacity.
  • Illegal dumping, including large item drop-offs, area common and recurring concerns.
  • Many marinas reported capacity issues with the on-site bins in the summers, particularly during long weekends and the beginning of the season.
  • Marinas that had a swing gate and keycode access to bins had fewer issues with unauthorized users.
  • Issues with the bin structure itself were common (e.g., waste overflowing from the door despite
  • being only half-full; users leaving waste outside bins because the bins appear full; difficulty opening latches).
  • Most marinas were generally pleased to host the bins, but did not desire any additional work to maintain them (many marina operators are already having to do additional work to keep the bin sites clean), nor was there interest in system privatization.

We invite you to join the public discussion and share your experiences with the bin collection system in
Georgian Bay Township.

Thursday July 7, 2022
6:30 pm at MacTier Memorial Arena (in-person)
9 Haig Street, MacTier, Ontario

Thursday July 14, 2022
6:30 pm at Baxter Ward Community Centre (in-person)
25 Community Centre Dr, Port Severn, Ontario

Thursday July 21, 2022
6:30 pm via Zoom (virtual)
Meeting ID: 865 9449 1500 Passcode: 387772

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