On behalf of Mayor Koetsier, Council and Fire Chief Tony Van Dam, we are delighted to share that a new fire truck has arrived at the Honey Harbour (Station 1) Fire Station.

Fire Chief Tony Van Dam approached the procurement process with a new way of thinking; looking outside the Province for exactly what was required.

Chief Van Dam found a Freightliner, M2 106 Crusader built to perfection. With marine-grade body and an 800-gallon tank, this pumper is ready and able to assist the crew in any emergency.

The truck arrived in Georgian Bay from Fort Garry Fire Truck in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It was a demo truck, used for the purpose of showcasing the newer models at sales and trade shows throughout Canada. Although the vehicle has 10,000 kilometres on it, the Township was still able to save money on the purchase.

Due to insurance, the life of a fire truck is only 20 years and the original Pump 1 is ready for retirement. Now that the new truck has arrived safe and sound, and has been given a clean bill of health, Chief Van Dam and the fire crew look forward to retiring the original Pump 1.

Chief Van Dam states “Even though we won’t be in the market for replacement for quite some time now, we look forward to working with Fort Garry Fire Truck again. They were easy to work with, delivered on time and the truck will make an excellent addition to the fleet.”

Quote from Mayor Peter Koetsier: 

“The purchase of this fire truck showcased a great initiative on behalf of our Fire Chief; it is a great example of cost efficiency and working together for the betterment of our community. We are excited to welcome this new truck to Honey Harbour.”


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