Join a Committee of Council for 2022-2026 Term


Township of Georgian Bay, Ontario – The Township of Georgian Bay has various committees that meet to discuss topics affecting citizens of Georgian Bay. These organized groups are comprised of community member volunteers that apply to be involved. The Township of Georgian Bay is seeking interested community members to apply. Applications are due by end of day on Wednesday, November 30, 2022.


Applicants must be able to attend daytime meetings which are held in person, occasionally electronic method will be available as well. Some groups also provide renumeration.


What group would fit your style?


  • Committee of Adjustment: a quasi-judicial body that discusses planning issues and must follow rules and procedure in the Planning Act.


  • Honey Harbour Community Advisory Group: This group provides advice and communication to Council regarding Honey Harbour projects.


  • Library Board: The Georgian Bay Public Library is a three-branch system with locations in Honey Harbour, MacTier, and Port Severn. Public library boards are legal corporations that govern the libraries in accordance with the Public Libraries Act. It is the duty of the library board to provide comprehensive, effective, and efficient public library service that reflects the community's needs through strategic planning and direction and coordination with the Township. As a board member you become a direct link to the community, the Board listens to residents and develops responsive strategies that support their needs and the development of library services.


  • Planning Advisory Committee: work with staff, consultants, and community stakeholders to develop and recommend new or revised land-use planning policies, by-laws, and regulations when requested to do so by Council, Planning Council, or the Committee of the Whole. The Planning Advisory Committee is also to provide support to the Planning Department during the creation/modification of policies, regulations, and by-laws as well as during the establishment/revision to procedures and approaches to public consultation, education, and information sharing. 


  • Property Standards Appeal Committee: The Property Standards By-law prescribes property standards for the maintenance and occupancy of all property within the municipality and includes provision for the establishment of the Property Standards Appeal Committee. The Committee has the following powers under the Ontario Building Code: 
    • Confirm the Order or Orders served by the Municipality. 
    • Quash the Order; and
    • Amend the Order or extend the deadline for compliance. 


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