Township of Georgian Bay Engages StrategyCorp for Revenue Optimization and Fees Review


Township of Georgian Bay - The Township of Georgian Bay is pleased to announce its partnership with StrategyCorp, a leading strategic advisory firm, to undertake a comprehensive review and update of the Township’s current fees and charges structure. This initiative, known as the Revenue Optimization and Fees Review project, aims to ensure that the fees and charges reflect the true value of the services provided by the Township while remaining fair, reasonable, and accessible for all residents and service users.


As part of this important project, the Township is seeking input directly from residents and service users within the community. The insights and feedback from community members are invaluable to ensure that the updated fee structure meets the needs and expectations of those it impacts.


“We value the input of our residents and service users, and we are committed to ensuring that our fees and charges are both fair and reflective of the services provided,” said Peter Koetsier, Mayor of the Township of Georgian Bay. “Your participation in this survey will help us achieve a balanced and equitable fee structure.”


Residents and service users are encouraged to take a few moments to complete the survey and share their insights. The survey will remain open until July 12th, 2024. The feedback collected will play a crucial role in shaping the future of the Township’s fee structure.


Please be assured that the survey is managed directly by the consultant team at StrategyCorp, and all responses will remain confidential. Should you encounter any challenges while completing the survey, please reach out to Luke Adams at for assistance.


The survey is available online, as well as paper copies at the Administration Office and Georgian Bay Public Library locations in Honey Harbour, MacTier and Port Severn. W


Survey Link:


For more information about the survey or other communications please visit or contact Jennifer Schnier, Director of Sustainability, or 705-818-0323.

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