Forest Fire Potential is Increasing
Muskoka Forest Fire Danger Hotline: 1-877-847-1577


Muskoka (May 17, 2021) Throughout the District of Muskoka, the Forest Fire Danger is
starting to increase. Evidence of this could be seen over this past weekend with multiple fire
departments responding to rapid growing grass and brush fires. The fires were caused by
unattended and prohibited burning and failure to fully extinguish campfires. With very little
precipitation in the forecast, the Muskoka Fire Chiefs have upgraded the Forest Fire Danger
Rating to High and are monitoring the conditions closely.

"The Muskoka Fire Chiefs do not increase the fire danger rating to infringe on any resident’s
enjoyment of outdoor fires, they do it to protect the residents of their communities from the
increased risks of wildfires” says Mike Peake, Fire Prevention Officer for Bracebridge Fire
Department. “With high winds, low humidity, and little precipitation, these factors combine to
dry out grass and forested areas allowing for the rapid spread and growth of fires” (Peake).

With the May long weekend coming up, the Muskoka Fire Prevention Officers want residents to
be respectful of the weather conditions and take extreme caution when having outdoor fires.
Make sure that you comply with the requirements of your local By-laws for burning times and
setback from combustible materials. Some things you can do to ensure you have a safe fire:
make sure someone is always watching the fire, have hand tools and an adequate means to
extinguish the fire on hand, and burn only clean seasoned wood. “We want to make sure that
everyone can enjoy their long weekend, including firefighters, so please be responsible when
having fires this weekend” (Peake).

"The Muskoka Forest Fire Danger "hotline" is also operational now and the public is asked to
check the hotline before lighting any fire to ensure that a fire ban has not been declared," said
Mike Vadlja, Fire Prevention Officer for Huntsville/Lake of Bay Fire Department. A fire ban
can be implemented any time environmental conditions create an increased threat of fire.
The number to call to access the hotline toll free is 1-877-847-1577



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