Bill Lendvay, given the Canadian Red Cross Rescuer Award


Port Severn, Township of Georgian Bay, Ontario – Mayor Koetsier and Fire Chief Tony Van Dam awarded Bill Lendvay the Canadian Red Cross Rescuer Award on Monday, November 21, 2022.

Mr. Bill Lendvay was given this award for his quick action, saving the life of a child.

On August 23, 2022, Lendvay responded to a woman screaming at Stuart Lake. He jumped into action running to where the woman and the child were on the beach. A primary assessment established the child was not breathing.  EMS was called, Bill laid the child down opened the airway and started CPR. By the time the Fire Department arrived a few minutes later the child was breathing and crying.

Had it not been for Bill’s quick thinking and First Aid & CPR training, the child might not have survived.

Bill took Red Cross First and CPR training as an employee through the Township of Georgian Bay.

“Through his actions, Bill has demonstrated the importance of learning CPR. Anywhere, at any time, there could be someone who needs help, and you can be their hero – just as Bill was for the young child and family.” Stated Fire Chief Van Dam at the Council Inauguration on Monday.

Due to his life-saving actions, Bill Lendvay was presented with the Canadian Red Cross Rescuer Award. The Red Cross Rescuer Award is presented to non-professional or off-duty first responders who have volunteered to save a life, prevented further injury and/or provided comfort to the injured.


More than 600,000 Canadians receive Red Cross First Aid and CPR/AED training each year, though we hope that no one will ever be in a position where they need to use their training, knowing what to do in those early critical moments can truly make the difference. The Canadian Red Cross is calling on all Canadians to ensure they have the proper first aid skills and confidence needed to save lives in an emergency.

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