The Township of Georgian Bay celebrates No Mow May!

This initiative encourages staff and residents to take a simple yet impactful step towards protecting pollinators by refraining from mowing their lawns for the entire month of May. Council supported the decision and staff have begun the process of not mowing public properties within the Township.

Now residents have the opportunity to participate as well! By participating in No Mow May, you will be providing essential habitat and food sources for bees, butterflies, and other pollinating insects that play a crucial role in our ecosystem. 

Why Participate?

Pollinators are vital for the reproduction of many flowering plants, including those that produce fruits and vegetables. By allowing your lawn to grow wild for the month of May, you will be supporting pollinator populations and promoting biodiversity in our community. No Mow May is an easy way for individuals to make a tangible difference for the environment right in their own backyard. 

Benefits of No Mow May:
  • Supports pollinator populations by providing essential habitat and food sources
  • Promotes biodiversity by allowing native plants to thrive. 
  • Reduces green house gas emissions associated with lawn mowing
  • Saves time and money on lawn maintenance.
  • Fosters a sense of community as residents come together for a common cause.

How to Participate:

Participating in No Mow May is simple! Just pledge to refrain from mowing your lawn for the entire month of May. Let your grass grow naturally, providing valuable habitat for pollinators. You can also show your support by purchasing a No Mow May sign for $25.00 at the Township Administration building. Displaying the lawn sign not only will raise awareness but also shows your commitment to protecting pollinators.

  • To purchase a sign, visit the administration office and pay by cash, debit or credit card. 
Take the Pledge

Together, we can make a difference! Join us in No Mow May and help create a pollinator-friendly environment in the Township of Georgian Bay. Take the pledge today and let your lawn grow wild! Thank you for supporting pollinators.

No Mow May - Pledge

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