Ember the Elf helps with holiday safety


Georgian Bay Fire & Emergency Services encourages everyone to put fire safety at the top of their holiday lists this year to ensure a safe season as we gather with family and friends.

12 Tips of Holiday Safety

 Tip #1 Use Proper Lighting when decorating

Use the proper lights when decorating and check for worn or damaged cords. You don't need to be Clark Griswold to shine bright with lights this holiday!

Consider using LED lights and hang your outdoor-rated lights with nail-free clips. Cut your loss and toss damaged strings – an electrical fire is a sure bet for a lousy holiday.

Tip 1 Use Proper Lights

 Tip #2 Keep Decorations Away From Candles

Keep decorations away from candles. Fires caused by holiday decorations and open flames from candles are all too common this season.

Battery-operated candles are a great alternative. If you must light up, put candles in sturdy containers and always blow them out when you leave the room. Keep candles away from children, pets and anything that can burn.



 Tip #3 Test your CO and Smoke Alarms

Test your smoke alarms! Fatal fires are at their highest rate during the holidays. When seconds matter, a working smoke alarm is the gift of time in the event of a fire. An alarm on every storey, tested monthly, and batteries replaced annually, is the best gift you can give your family this season.

 Ember's Tip 3 Test Alarms

 Tip #4 Look While You Cook

 In the hustle of the holidays don't leave food unattended on the stove. Set a timer and stay close by.


Embers Tip 4

 Tip # 5 Water Fresh Trees Daily

Water Fresh Trees Daily! Falling needles means the tree is dry. While setting up your tree be aware of where heat vents are and don't place your tree too close to it. It is recommended to use LED lights as they don't get warm.


 Embers Tip 5

 Tip #6 Check Your Extension Cords

 Do not overload the extension bar or outlet. Don't run extension cords under a rug. 

 Embers Tip 6

 Tip #7 Stay Healthy this Holiday

Being around friends and family means extra germs are presents too! 

Stay Healthy by washing your hands regularly, taking your vitamins, make healthy food choices and always make time for exercise.

 Tip 7 Stay Healthy

 Tip # 8

Make sure sidewalks and driveways are clean and clear of snow and ice. Shovel after each snowfall to stay on top of it. Use salt or sand to rid of icey paths.

 Tip 8 Clear your driveway and walkway

 Tip #9 Practice Ladder Safety

As you are putting up those Christmas lights and holiday decorations be cautious and practice ladder safety. Inspect ladder for defects, always have a spotter, secure the top of the ladder, keep three points of contact and don't use the top two steps of the ladder.


 Tip 9 Practice Ladder Safety

 Tip #10 

Wear your seatbelt while traveling this holiday. So many people will be on the roads, take yours and your families safety seriously.


 Tip #10 Buckle Up

 Tip #11 Have a Fire Extinguisher in the Kitchen

 With 17% of fires in Ontario kitchen related keep an up to date fire extinguisher close to your cooking areas for emergency.

Tip 11 Fire Extinguisher

 Tip #12 Drink Responsibly

Plan for holiday parties by arranging a DD or being the DD! 

We want all of you to arrive alive!

 Tip 12

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