Our Fire & Emergency Services Department protects the lives and property of Georgian Bay residents and visitors. We do so through three lines of defence:

We can help you and your family with home fire escape plans, the regulation of open air burning, and how to plan for an emergency.  

About our Fire Department

Over 45 dedicated volunteer firefighters assist our full-time Fire Chief and Deputy Fire Chief. We have fire stations in Honey Harbour, MacTier and Port Severn to quickly respond to crises in all three communities. Learn more about joining our fire services team on our recruitment page.

Lock Box Program

Our emergency response team uses a security key Lock Box system to enter a property quickly and safely during an emergency. Property owners can purchase a secure Lock Box and mount it near a building's main entrance. Lock Boxes are available for purchase from certified provider Surelock Homes for $360.

Once installed, our staff will lock the necessary keys inside and update our database with the box's location. 

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