There are 79 portable fire pumps throughout Georgian Bay. Pumps are to be used to assist in fighting wildfires. Pumps can be used by the public once proper training has been obtained. 

 Step by Step Instructions 
 Remove portable pump, hoses, nozzles from pump house.
  • Place the pump by the waters edge on safe ground.
  • Remove water fill cap.
  • Fill pump end with water.
  • Replace water fill cap and hand tighten.
  • Put hard suction in water pump side of pump.
  • Connect fire hose and nozzle to the pump.
  • Secondary person/ hose handler holds fire hose and nozzle for safety.
  • Push gas level towards engine (to turn gas on).
  • Push choke lever towards the engine (to turn choke on)
  • Push throttle lever half way toward engine.
  • Turn red (on/off) switch to on position.
  • Pull cord until engine starts.
  • Slowly move choke lever back.
  • Ensure secondary person/ hose handler is prepared for water.
  • Push throttle lever towards engine to flow more water.
  • To stop fire pump push the throttle lever all the way away from the engine and turn the switch off.
  • Ensure gas is also turned off before putting pump away.
 Pump Dangers
  • Hydro lines
  • Fuel sources
  • The quick arrival and equipment of professional firefighters
  • Snakes
  • Attire
  • Heat Stroke

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