Township of Georgian Bay residents must have a burn permit for open air burning between April 1 and October 31. We allow daytime burning with a valid permit.

Get a burn permit

Fill out a burn permit at no cost online or in person at the Township office and library (all branches).

Check the fire danger rating

Always check the current fire rating online or by calling 1-877-847-1577 before burning. This rating determines the relative seriousness of burning conditions and threat of fire.

Burn safely

Everyone needs to do their part to burn safely. Please follow these burning guidelines:

  • Burn only dry materials
  • Don't burn petroleum products, plastics, rubber or anything that will cause excessive smoke
  • Keep fires at least 10 metres from buildings
  • Burn less than one cubic metre of material at all times
  • Stay with the fire at all times
  • Always have proper extinguishment tools on site
  • Don't burn when the fire rating is high or extreme

You are responsible for any fire you light! Failure to comply with our Burning By-law 2009-63 can result in charges and an invoice for all firefighting costs per the current Ministry of Transportation rate.


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