Township of Georgian Bay property owners are required to have 911 signs visible at the end of their driveway/dock so they can be easily seen by emergency responders. If you share a common driveway with other homes, please ensure that each individual home is clearly numbered.

Every second counts in an emergency, and precious time can be wasted if emergency responders can't locate the correct property!

Ordering a 911 Sign

If you don't already have a 911 sign, you can purchase one from the municipal office for $40 plus HST. Please order your sign by filling out the Emergency Sign Application, with the correct form of how you would like to pay.

Pay By Credit Card

Pay By E-Transfer

Dialing 911

911 is a single emergency telephone number that makes it easier and faster for you to reach help. The Central Emergency Reporting Bureau answers 911 calls and then forwards them to the appropriate response team – police, fire or ambulance. It's important to tell the dispatcher:

  • Your name
  • Telephone number you're calling from
  • Your civic address
  • Any location information that might help the responding agency find you

If you need non-emergency assistance and don't know who to call, dial 211.

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