The Township of Georgian Bay's Strategic Plan (2022-2026) is a roadmap for decision-making and policy. Our Strategic Plan is a living document, allowing Council and staff to reassess goals and action plans to meet community needs and balance them with available resources. The plan's strategic directions focus on:

  • Environmental Protection
  • Fiscal Responsibilities and Technology Efficiencies
  • Streamline Planning Policies and Procedures
  • Customer Experience and Community Engagement
  • District and Township Relationship
  • Engage with Indigenous Communities

Annual Strategic Plan Report Cards & Summaries

The Strategic Plan Plan was created in 2023 and condensed to a two page document plus a clear outline of the Township's values.

View our most recent Strategic Plan Report Card (2021) to see our accomplishments and the status of our remaining goals. The Report Card also outlines timelines, identifies potential partners and assigns a department head to lead the action item.

Background information

Our Strategic Plan is the result of significant community consultation and background research. With our consultant, we:

  • Led two surveys – one for municipal staff and another for the community
  • Held community consultations, including two public workshops across Georgian Bay
  • Hosted three strategic input sessions with a Community Advisory Committee
  • Facilitated a workshop with Council to get their perspectives and vision

Read our Strategic Plan summary for more information about the process.

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