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What is the Short-term Rental By-law?

The Township of Georgian Bay is committed to ensuring the safety, tranquility, and integrity of our community. Our Short-term Rental By-law is designed to regulate short-term rental properties and create a harmonious living environment for both residents and visitors.

Key Highlights

  • Safety First: The by-law includes safety standards to protect all occupants.
  • Noise Control: Measures to prevent disruptions to the neighbourhood.
  • Property Maintenance: Guidelines for property upkeep.
  • Registration: Short-term rental operators must register their properties.

Why Does This Matter?

The Short-term Rental By-law matters because it:

  • Ensures the safety of all occupants.
  • Preserves the character of our community.
  • Balances the interests of residents and visitors.

Compliance Made Easy

We understand that navigating regulations can be challenging. Our team is here to assist you in understanding and complying with the by-law. We offer:

  • Information: Detailed guides and resources.
  • Support: Assistance in the registration process.
  • Updates: Stay informed about any changes.

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