Postponement of LPAT Proceedings

The Province has postponed all LPAT proceedings until after June 30.  Further details are can be found here.


The Township of Georgian Bay is responsible for the review, development and implementation of land use policies and by-laws. Please check the zoning regulations for your property before applying for a building permit. Building permits start with planning review and can often take longer if planning isn't consulted first.


Our Zoning By-law regulates the use, location, size and height of structures, as well as other provisions. Our Zoning By-law complements the Township's Official Plan (which complements the District of Muskoka Official Plan) to ensure thoughtful and sustainable development. Find the zoning of your property using the Interactive Zoning Map or by contacting our Planning Department at

 Zoning By-Law Schedules
 Zoning By-Law Appendices 

Planning application forms

Sometimes there are situations where the zone of a property doesn't meet the property owner's project goals. In these situations, we encourage property owners to arrange a pre-consultation with our Planning Department to find an application process that fits the property owner's budget, timeline and vision for their project.

Consent (Land Severance)

A consent is the legal separation of a piece of land to form a new lot. A consent is not needed if the land is already divided by a railway or public road. You can also apply for a consent for:

  • right-of-way,
  • easements, and
  • any change to your existing property boundaries (e.g. lot addition).

Read our consent brochure to learn more about the process and fees.

Deeming By-law

A Deeming By-law deems areas of land to no longer be part of a registered plan of subdivision. This type of by-law allows certain lots, or parts of lots, on a plan of subdivision to merge. View our deeming by-law application form for details and fees.

Minor Variance

A minor variance application provides specific relief from our Zoning By-law if the Committee of Adjustment agrees that the request is minor. Minor variances maintain the general intent of our Zoning By-law and Official Plan.

Read our minor variance brochure to learn more about the process and fees.

Official Plan Amendment

If your plans for developing your property aren't consistent with the Township's Official Plan, you will need to apply for an Official Plan Amendment. More information on this process is available through your pre-consultation with our Planning Department.

Site Plan Agreement

A site plan agreement establishes both design and technical aspects of development over and above the requirements set out in the Zoning By-law. They can supplement zoning by providing more detailed site-specific requirements. Site plans help:

  • ensure that development projects contribute to attractive waterfronts, streetscapes and the character of the neighbourhood, and
  • protect the environmental features and surrounding land (e.g. wetlands, wild life habitats, water quality).

View our site plan approval application for fees.

Zoning By-law Amendment (Rezoning)

If a proposed use or structure on a property doesn't meet the requirements of our Zoning By-law, the owner may apply for a Zoning By-law amendment. Read our rezoning brochure to learn more about the process and fees.

Planning notices

See upcoming Public Meetings, draft Official Plan amendments, and other planning notices in our Document Centre. You can also read documents and presentations specific to Six Mile Lake and Macey Bay

Information regarding the September 2019 Open House session can be found here.

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