New, renovated or demolished structures need to be inspected to ensure that they're safe and up to code. Several different inspections may be necessary depending on the type and use of a structure. It is your responsibility to ensure that either you or your contractor books the required inspections. If you don't arrange for the necessary inspections at the correct stage of your project, you may have to uncover and expose work.

Types of inspections

Building inspection

Our building inspectors must inspect each major phase of your project to ensure the work follows your approved permit and meets the Ontario Building Code. You will receive a list of inspections your project requires when you pick up your Building Permit.

How to book a building inspection

You can book a building inspection by:

  1. Applying online
  2. Calling 705-538-2337 x233

Please book the inspection at least two days in advance and provide the property address and permit number. 

Electrical inspection

Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) inspects all electrical installation, repair and replacement work.

How to book an electrical inspection

Submit completed ESA inspection forms by fax at 1-800-667-4278 or by email to schedule an inspection.

Fire safety inspection

At a minimum, fire safety inspections are completed upon complaint, request and as necessary to meet the requirements of the Fire Protection and Prevention Act.

How to book a fire inspection

Contact our Deputy Fire Chief at 705-538-2337 x255 to book a fire inspection. Make sure to specify the type of building (i.e. residential, commercial, industrial or institutional).

Health and safety inspection

Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit (SMDHU) works to protect your health and safety through education and inspections. Public health inspectors inspect a wide range of new or relocated businesses, including those that serve food or perform beauty and body art.

How to book a health and safety inspection

Contact a public health inspector at 705-721-7520 to book an inspection. More information is available on SMDHU's website.

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