Controlled Blasting Notice - Port Severn

Posted On Wednesday November 17, 2021
Blasting Notice Details
Details of the blast and location

Port Severn, Township of Georgian Bay, Ontario – On November 17, 2021, staff at the Township of

Georgian Bay would like to inform residents of Port Severn, specifically in the Oak Bay area of
Controlled Blasting.

Blasting works are being carried out for Oak Bay Phase 2. As part of the construction process, the
blasting of rock formations will commence from November 17, 2021, ending January 21, 2022. Blasting
operations will take place around Golf Course Road and Trailside Way Monday-Friday between 8:30
a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

If any questions arise regarding blasting related concerns, please contact:

Tatham Engineering                               Technica Mining
(705)-888-8378                                    (705)–692-2204
Attention: Lucas Shelton                        Attention: Guy Charles

If you would like more information about this topic contact the Planning Department Bay
705-538-2337 or

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