Fire department launches new lock box program

Posted On Monday September 24, 2018

(Township of Georgian Bay, ON) - The Township of Georgian Bay Fire & Emergency Services department has instituted a new lock box program within the municipality. A lock box provides emergency responders quick access to a building or gate. The box contains all keys or devices required to gain access to a property. Lock boxes are installed on the exterior wall of the building within close proximity to the principal entrance. 

When responding to an emergency and confronted with a locked entry door, a tamper resistant lock box minimizes delays in gaining access to the building and eliminates damage that may be caused by a forcible entry. After using the keys for the purpose intended, the officer in charge will ensure that the keys are replaced and secure. 

Lock boxes are recommended for seasonal homes, commercial properties and marinas since these properties are often closed or left unattended for extended periods of time. It is hoped that property owners will participate in the program to help reduce fire losses and improve the efficiency of emergency firefighting services. There are several benefits to this voluntary program, and in many cases, it pays for itself the first time the system is used. 

What does the lock box system do for you? 

  • Provides immediate and safe emergency entry in case of fire, medical or other type of emergency 
  • Prevents costly forcible entry damage to doors or windows 
  • Allows faster fire department entry, reducing potential damages due to fire
  • Allows first responders entry if a building occupant is unable to open the door
  • Reduces firefighter injuries 

Lock boxes should never contain keys other than for the main lobby entrance, common areas, roof access, stairwells, firefighters' elevator, or other public areas in the building. When in place, key lock boxes will not be used to gain non-emergency access to a building unless the building owner, manager or agent is present. 

For more information about our lock box program, please contact Deputy Fire Chief Chad Dowell at 705-538-2337 x255 or visit



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